Daily Money & Banking News Update: 1/19/2017

  1. US Mid-Atlantic Business Activity Highest in Two Years: Philly Fed (CNBC)
  2. ECB, Facing Monetary Policy Complications Worldwide, Holds Firm (New York Times)
  3. Davos Bankers Discuss Plans to Move Jobs Out of Post-Brexit UK (Financial Times)
  4. ECB Holds Steady on Rates Amid Inflation Dilemma (Financial Times)
  5. BIS Accused of Pushing Staff to Back “House View” on Low Rates (Financial Times)
  6. Trump Treasury Nominee Mnuchin to Defend Banking Record to Senators (Reuters)
  7. Banks Put “Hard” Brexit Move Plans Into Action (Reuters)
  8. BOJ’s Kuroda: I Am Closely Watching What Policies Trump Implements (Reuters)
  9. ECB Succeeding on Eurozone Economy, But Risks Remain and More Help Available (Reuters)
  10. Eurozone Inflation Rise Not Convincing – Draghi (Reuters)
  11. Erdogan Aide Says Interest Rate Option “On Table” for Turkey Central Bank, Lira Slide Continues (Reuters)
  12. ECB Leaves Rates Unchanged, Maintains Bond-Buying Program (CNBC)
  13. Time for Trump to Remove Sanctions Against Russian Banks, Says VTB President (CNBC)
  14. Alibaba Payments Arm Aims for 2 Billion Users in 10 Years, Says Blockchain Coming to Alipay (CNBC)
  15. Fed’s Yellen Says Unwise to Allow US Economy to Run “Hot” (CNBC)
  16. The Economic Outlook and the Conduct of Monetary Policy: Speech by Chairman Janet Yellen (Federal Reserve Board)
  17. Sen. Warren Pushes Financial Firms to Back Controversial Fiduciary Rule (MarketWatch)
  18. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Appointed to Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (Coin Update)
  19. Yellen Defends Pace of Federal Reserve Tightening Policy (Financial Times)
  20. Western Union to Pay $586 Million After Illicit Cash Sent to Criminals (Financial Times)
  21. Yellen Not Worried About Surge of Inflation (MarketWatch)
  22. Fed’s Williams Says Does Not See Elevated Level of Uncertainty (Reuters)
  23. Nason, Former Treasury Official, Being Vetted for Fed Role: Sources (Reuters)
  24. Lawmakers Reject EU Laundering Blacklist, Want Tax Havens Included (Reuters)
  25. China Is Working Hard to Support Its Currency – It Sold US Government Bonds for Six Straight Months (CNBC)
  26. Beijing Plays Down Fed Rate Hike Prospects After Yellen Comments (CNBC)
  27. Janet Yellen Sticks to Steady Outlook on Rates (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 1/18/2017

  1. Fed’s Kaplan, Warning on Debt, Urges Care on Fiscal Policies (CNBC)
  2. Introducing the Opportunity and Inclusive Growth Institute: Speech by President Neel Kashkari (Minneapolis Fed)
  3. Inflation Dilemma Threatens to Spoil ECB’s “Boring” 2017 (Financial Times)
  4. Emmanuel Macron’s Rise Electrifies French Election Race (Financial Times)
  5. China Province Admits Falsifying Fiscal Data (Financial Times)
  6. Fed’s Kaplan Says Can Raise Rates in Gradual, Patient Manner (Reuters)
  7. US Regulator Can Sue Banks Over Mortgage Bond Sales: Appeals Court (Reuters)
  8. The War on Cash Threatens Freedom More Than Crime (Foundation for Economic Education)
  9. Trump’s Protectionist Trade Policy Could Be a Concern, Says Japan’s Kuroda (CNBC)
  10. Yen Is at a Fair Level for Our Trading Partners, Says BOJ Governor (CNBC)
  11. ECB Set to Defend Its Bond-Buying Amid Growing Internal Dissent (CNBC)
  12. Marine Le Pen Centers Presidential Run on Getting France Out of Eurozone (Wall Street Journal)
  13. Fed’s Beige Book: Prices Pressures “Intensified” at End of Last Year (MarketWatch)
  14. The Goals of Monetary Policy and How We Pursue Them: Speech by Chairman Janet Yellen (Federal Reserve Board)
  15. Fed Officials Prepare Ground to Cut Bank’s $4.5 Trillion Balance Sheet (Financial Times)
  16. Yellen Warns Rates Delay Risks “Nasty” Surprise (Financial Times)
  17. Europe’s Bank Rescue Rule in Doubt, Even Among Enforcers (Reuters)
  18. Fed’s Yellen Says “Makes Sense” to Gradually Raise Interest Rates (Reuters)
  19. Fed’s Kashkari Says Fiscal Outlook Not Clear Enough to Change His Forecasts (Reuters)
  20. Yellen Says Obama Administration Never Pressured Fed on Policy (MarketWatch)
  21. China Cuts US Treasury Holdings to Lowest Level Since 2010 (Financial Times)
  22. Cheering Better Growth, ECB Still to Keep Policy, Stimulus Unchanged (Reuters)
  23. Banks Face Talent Crisis Amid Mounting Costs of Employee Turnover: Report (Reuters)
  24. Yellen Says Nonpartisan Fed Will Focus on the Economy (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 1/17/2017

  1. Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Receives New York BitLicense (CoinDesk)
  2. Fed’s Dudley Sees Low Chance of Fed Snuffing Out Expansion Soon (CNBC)
  3. Like Trump, Fed’s Dudley Has Concerns With House Republican Border-Adjustment Tax Plan (MarketWatch)
  4. New York Fed Chief Dudley Has an Idea – Homeowners Should Tap Into Equity (MarketWatch)
  5. Fed Would Respond With Higher Rates If Trump Fiscal Policy Not Done Right, Brainard Says (MarketWatch)
  6. Monetary Policy in a Time of Uncertainty: Speech by Governor Lael Brainard (Federal Reserve Board)
  7. Evolving Consumer Behavior: Speech by President William Dudley (New York Fed)
  8. Brainard Joins Fed Chorus Warning About Fiscal Stimulus Risks (Reuters)
  9. Brexit Drives Push for Bigger Frankfurt Role in Exchange Merger (Reuters)
  10. US Top Court Rejects Banks Over LIBOR Antitrust Lawsuits (Reuters)
  11. New York Opposes Federal Charters for Online Lenders (Reuters)
  12. Fed’s Williams Calls for Further Gradual US Rate Hikes (CNBC)
  13. RBI Independence Questioned After India’s Cash Recall Chaos (Financial Times)
  14. Fed’s Williams Says Fiscal Stimulus Could Spur Faster US Growth (Reuters)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 1/16/2017

  1. Coinbase CEO: IRS Battle Could Cost Startup $1 Million (CoinDesk)
  2. ECB and UK Urged to Share Regulation of Euro Clearing Market (Financial Times)
  3. Brexit: No Easy Options for Britain’s Bankers (Wall Street Journal)
  4. Turkish Central Bank Has Strong Weapons Apart From Interest Rates – Erdogan Adviser (Reuters)
  5. Bernanke: Trump’s View on China’s Yuan Doesn’t “Fit With Reality” (CNBC)
  6. Central Banks Drop Their Bazookas (Wall Street Journal)
  7. Fed Officials See Less Need for Tax and Spending to Boost Short-Term Growth (Wall Street Journal)
  8. Mark Carney Hints at More Hawkish Stance for Bank of England (Financial Times)
  9. Kuwait Closer to First Sale of Dollar Debt (Financial Times)
  10. ECB Prints Money at Record Pace Amid Bank Bonds Bonanza (Reuters)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 1/13/2017

  1. Fed’s Harker Does Not Comment on Outlook in Economic Mobility Speech (CNBC)
  2. The Fed and Fiscal Policy (Ben Bernanke’s Blog)
  3. Wells Fargo Thinks It Has Paid Back Customers as Required (Reuters)
  4. Turkey Will “Root Out” Speculators, Adviser Says, as Lira Plunges (Reuters)
  5. Sterling Flash Crash Had No Single Drive, No Data to Suggest Market Abuse: BIS (Reuters)
  6. US Mint Unveils African-American Lady Liberty (The Hill)
  7. Turkey’s Central Bank Announces New Measures to Boost Lira (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 1/12/2017

  1. Fed’s Evans Says Labor Constraints May Doom Bid to Boost Economy (CNBC)
  2. Fed “May Be in Better Position” to Reduce Balance Sheet, Bullard Says (MarketWatch)
  3. Treasury Could’ve Prioritized Debt Payments, Fed Transcripts Show (MarketWatch)
  4. Fed’s Harker Backs Three Interest Rate Hikes This Year (MarketWatch)
  5. Italy’s UBI Plans €400 Million Share Issue to Buy Three Rescued Banks (CNBC)
  6. Do Lenders of Last Resort Actually Make the Financial System Safer (FT Alphaville)
  7. Eurozone Finance Ministers to Discuss Legality of Monte Paschi Rescue – Source (Reuters)
  8. Fed’s Kaplan Says “Reasonable” to Debate Balance Sheet This Year (Reuters)
  9. Stricter US Trade Poses Downside Risk: Fed’s Bullard (Reuters)
  10. Fed Officials See Quick Economic Boost From Trump, Risks to Follow (Reuters)
  11. Yellen Had “Super Risky” Proposal for Fed’s 2011 Low-Rate Vow: Transcripts (Reuters)
  12. Germany’s Schäuble Urges ECB to Start Unwinding Stimulus This Year (Reuters)
  13. Global Watchdog Finalizes Proposed Rules to Tackle Asset Management Risks (Reuters)
  14. “Positive Momentum” in Greek Debt Talks But No Clear Agreement in Sight (Reuters)
  15. Northern Ireland Political Crisis Could Delay PM May’s Brexit Plans: Lawyer (Reuters)
  16. China Banks Extend Record 12.65 Trillion Yuan in Loans in 2016 as Debt Worries Mount (Reuters)
  17. PIMCO Sees Possibility of China Floating Yuan in 2017 (Reuters)
  18. Erdogan Calls for Turkish “National Mobilization” to Defend Lira (Reuters)
  19. Italian Banks: How to Get Something for Nothing (Wall Street Journal)
  20. European Elections Test ECB President Mario Draghi (Wall Street Journal)
  21. Exploring a Brexit That Isn’t Binary (Wall Street Journal)
  22. Welcoming Remarks by Chairman Janet Yellen (Federal Reserve Board)
  23. President Bullard Discusses Low Interest Rates, Fed Transparency on CNBC (St. Louis Fed)
  24. Fed’s Yellen Says She’s Upbeat About Short-Term Economic Outlook (CNBC)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 1/11/2017

  1. Bitcoin Plunges as Chinese Authorities Step Up Scrutiny (MarketWatch)
  2. Brexit Risks Bigger for EU Banks Than UK’s – Carney (Reuters)
  3. UK Banking Faces “Outsize” Risks From Loss of EU Markets: Carney (Reuters)
  4. BOJ’s Kuroda Told PM Abe US Economy Growing Steadily (Reuters)
  5. Bitcoin Slides as China’s Central Bank Launches Checks on Exchanges (Reuters)
  6. Banks Forced to Cover Tracks of China’s Forex Regulator (Reuters)
  7. Anti-Establishment Wave to Help Push Blockchain Into Real World in 2017 (Reuters)
  8. London’s Economic System Could Collapse Like a Jenga Tower Post-Brexit: City Bosses (CNBC)
  9. Euro May Not Exist in 10 Years, France’s Macron Says (CNBC)
  10. Banks Hold Best Cards in Rewards Contest (Wall Street Journal)
  11. Remarks by President William Dudley at the Culture Imperative – An Interbank Symposium (New York Fed)
  12. As India Goes Cashless, Both E-Money Stocks and Bitcoin Benefit (Bitcoin Magazine)
  13. As India Goes Cashless, Its Central Bank Researches Blockchain (CoinDesk)
  14. Rescued Banks Propose Deal to Rebuild Lost Trust in Italian Banks (CNBC)
  15. City of London Lobbying Group Drops Demand for EU “Passport” (Financial Times)
  16. Bank of England’s Carney: Curbing Consumer Lending Would Be “Big Call” (Reuters)
  17. Third of Global Consumers Open to Google, Amazon Banking: Survey (Reuters)
  18. Germany Finance Minister Says Sure Italy Will Stick to European Bailout Rules (Reuters)
  19. Britain’s Finance Industry Drops Demands for Passporting After Brexit (Reuters)
  20. Bill on Tallying Up Regulation Costs Wins US Financial Industry Backing (Reuters)
  21. UK Banks’ Share of Corporate Currency Business Dips (Reuters)
  22. Greek Bailout to Go Ahead With or Without IMF: Belgium Finance Minister (Reuters)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 1/10/2017

  1. Rescued Banks Propose Deal to Rebuild Lost Trust in Italian Banks (CNBC)
  2. Venezuela Confirms Recession, Highest Inflation in Americas (Reuters)
  3. China Probes Bitcoin Exchanges Amid Capital Flight Fears (Financial Times)
  4. Fed’s Lacker, a Proponent for Higher Rates, to Retire in October (Reuters)
  5. Fed 2016 Profits to Treasury Fall as Interest to Banks Jumps (Reuters)
  6. Italy’s UBI to Clinch Buy of Three Rescued Banks This Week: Sources (Reuters)
  7. Eurozone Nations Turn to Hedge Funds to Meet Borrowing Needs (Reuters)
  8. US Top Court Grapples With Validity of Credit Card Surcharge Law (Reuters)
  9. All But One Bank Requested to Raise Discount Rate in December: Fed Minutes (CNBC)
  10. Italy Accuses Two of Hacking Email Accounts of Mario Draghi, Politicians (Wall Street Journal)
  11. China’s Banking Giants Try to Snatch Share of Mobile Payments (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 1/9/2017

  1. Fed’s Rosengren Calls for Gradual, But Faster, Interest Rate Hikes (CNBC)
  2. Top Takeaways From President Rosengren’s Jan. 9 Speech in Hartford, CT (Boston Fed)
  3. Asian Private Banks Target Next Generation of Super-Rich (Financial Times)
  4. Fed Official Says Strong Jobs Data Rule Out Fiscal Boost (Financial Times)
  5. Biggest Banks Each Set to Be Hit With $200 Million Trading Rule Costs (Financial Times)
  6. Wells Fargo Counts Cost of Sham Accounts Scandal (Financial Times)
  7. Fed’s Rosengren Sees “Somewhat More Regular” Interest Rate Hikes (MarketWatch)
  8. Six Ways to Tell Real Money From Counterfeit (MarketWatch)
  9. Why It’s Getting Harder to Spot Counterfeit Cash (MarketWatch)
  10. US Top Court Rejects Banks Over FDIC Lawsuit (Reuters)
  11. Fed’s Rosengren: Rate Hike Timing Depends Partly on Fiscal Policy (Reuters)
  12. Fed’s Rosengren Calls for Faster Interest Rate Hikes (Reuters)
  13. Bitcoin Exchange Operator Pleads Guilty in US Case Tied to JPMorgan Hack (Reuters)
  14. DTCC to Rebuild Credit Default Swaps Processing Platform With Blockchain (Reuters)
  15. US Regulator Sues Bank of America Over Payment Dispute (Reuters)
  16. Bitcoin, PayPal Used to Finance Terrorism, Indonesian Agency Says (Wall Street Journal)
  17. Big China Bitcoin Exchange Says No Government Pressure on Outflows (Reuters)
  18. Fed Official Eyes Balance Sheet as US Inflation Picks Up (Financial Times)