Weekend Money & Banking News Update: 10/22-10/23/2016

  1. Italy’s Front Line in Fight to Save Banks: A Storage Room (Reuters)
  2. China to Allow More Local Bad Debt Managers – Sources (Reuters)
  3. Regulators Taking Another Look at Costs of Wall Street Safety Rule (Reuters)
  4. US Government, MetLife Set for Rematch Over “Too Big to Fail” (Reuters)
  5. UK Could Slash Corporation Tax to 10 Percent if EU Blocks Brexit Trade Deal: Sunday Times (Reuters)
  6. Major Banks Mark First-Ever International Trade Using Blockchain Tech (Reuters)
  7. BOJ Frets About Real Estate Lending Boom, Watchful of Bubble Risk (Reuters)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 10/21/2016

  1. Pedagogy and Scholarship in a Post-Crisis World: Speech by Governor Daniel Tarullo (Federal Reserve Board)
  2. More US Bank Stress Rules May Be Coming: Fed’s Tarullo (CNBC)
  3. The Latest Attempt to Get Japan’s Banks Lending Again Has Been Met With Skepticism (CNBC)
  4. Fed Is Trying to Make Policy as Predictable as Possible: Williams (CNBC)
  5. Fed’s Williams Says Gradual Rate Hikes Needed with Economy in “Good Shape” (MarketWatch)
  6. Fed’s Tarullo Wants Academics to Focus More on Bank Liabilities Rather Than Capital (MarketWatch)
  7. Fed’s Williams Wants Rate Hike This Year as Wages Rise (Reuters)
  8. Federal Reserve Says Will Study Secondary Market for Treasury Paper (Reuters)
  9. Fed’s Williams Calls for Rate Hikes Soon, Warns of Recession Otherwise (Reuters)
  10. China Central Bank Learns Lessons as Deflates Money Market Risk (Reuters)
  11. ECB’s Nowotny Thinks QE Decision Due in December (Reuters)
  12. Central Banks to Hear Initial Verdict on Sterling’s October 7th Crash in November – Sources (Reuters)
  13. Is Yellen Starting a Civil War at the Fed? (Mises Institute)
  14. Janet Yellen Could Be on the Verge of Starting a “Civil War” at the Fed (CNBC)
  15. VISA Taps Blockchain for Cross-Border Payment Plan (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 10/20/2016

  1. Opening Remarks at Reforming Culture and Behavior in the Financial Services Industry: Expanding the Dialogue – Speech by President William Dudley (New York Fed)
  2. Wells Fargo Just Lost Its Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (CNBC)
  3. Big Banks Continue Slow Digitalization (CNBC)
  4. Attorney General Leads Criminal Probe of Wells Fargo Bank (CNBC)
  5. Deutsche Bank vs. DOJ: Here’s Why It’s All Taking So Long (CNBC)
  6. Fed’s Dudley Expects Rate Hike, Says It Should Be No Big Deal (MarketWatch)
  7. Eurozone Yields Fall as ECB’s Draghi Hints at December Bond-Buying Extension (MarketWatch)
  8. Draghi Signals ECB Has Six Weeks to Revamp QE (Financial Times)
  9. President Ronald Reagan and the Gold Bullion Act of 1985 (Mint News Blog)
  10. India’s October Gold Imports to High Nine-Month High on Festive Demand – Industry (Reuters)
  11. Swiss Lobby US Ahead of UBS, Credit Suisse RMBS Settlements (Reuters)
  12. Canada’s Mortgage Brokers Find Ways Around New Lending Rules (Reuters)
  13. French Banks, Retailers Team Up to Launch Online Payment App (Reuters)
  14. China War on Underground Banks Uncovers $148 Billion in Illegal Trades: Financial News (Reuters)
  15. Fed’s Dudley: Banks Need to Ensure Employee Incentives in Line with Good Conduct (Reuters)
  16. US Credit Union Regulator Paid Law Firms $1 Billion to Sue Banks (Reuters)
  17. Cagey Draghi Refuses to Give Any HInts on Tapering or QE Extension (CNBC)
  18. Consumers Getting Used to Lower Prices Just as Inflation Picking Up (MarketWatch)
  19. Americans Spent $11 Billion in Bank Fees in 2015 – Here’s How to Avoid Them (MarketWatch)
  20. Bank Rewards Must Promote Good Conduct: Fed’s Dudley (Reuters)
  21. BOJ Kuroda Signals Chance of Delay in Hitting Price Goal (Reuters)
  22. US Treasury Official Urges Move Away From LIBOR (Reuters)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 10/19/2016

  1. US Elections Watchdog Might Change Its Bitcoin Donation Rules (CoinDesk)
  2. Agencies Issue Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Enhanced Cyber Risk Management Standards (Federal Reserve Board)
  3. Regulators Order Banks to Brace for Cyberattacks (CNBC)
  4. Architect of the Euro Now Says It Is a House of Cards (MarketWatch)
  5. The Fed Thinks It Can Use the “Natural” Interest Rate to Fine-Tune the Economy (Mises Institute)
  6. Russian Central Banker Hunts Down Russia’s Banking “Banditry” (Financial Times)
  7. India Gold Trades at Premium for First Time in Nine Months – Dealers (Reuters)
  8. US Calls on Banks to Set Higher Cybersecurity Standards (Reuters)
  9. New York City’s Return From the Brink: Speech by President William Dudley (New York Fed)
  10. This Is ECB Chief Mario Draghi’s Biggest Headache (MarketWatch)
  11. Fed’s Beige Book: Most of US Grew at Modest to Moderate Rate (MarketWatch)
  12. California Prosecutors Open New Front in Wells Fargo Scandal (Financial Times)
  13. Goldman’s Blankfein Says Asset Prices Are Being “Pumped Up Indiscriminately” (MarketWatch)
  14. ECB Seen Firmly on Hold, Charting Course to More Easing in December (Reuters)
  15. Fed’s Dudley Expects US Hike Later This Year (Reuters)
  16. Fed’s Kaplan Sees Gradual Rate Hike Appropriate (Reuters)
  17. Fed Moves to Quell Charges of Opacity, Lack of Diversity (Reuters)
  18. US Economy Shows Hints of Broadening Wage Pressures: Fed (Reuters)
  19. Atlanta Fed Raises US Third-Quarter GDP Growth View to 2.0 Percent (Reuters)
  20. Wells Scandal Shows Bank Culture Still a Problem – Fed’s Dudley (Reuters)
  21. ECB: Walking the Bond Market Tightrope (Wall Street Journal)
  22. Are Banks the Only Places to Park Your Money? (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 10/18/2016

  1. Crunch Looms on QE as European Central Bank Meets (Financial Times)
  2. Gauge of Eurozone Long-Term Inflation Highest Since Early June (Reuters)
  3. Massachusetts Latest to Bar Wells Fargo as Underwriter (Reuters)
  4. Regulator Wants New York Banks to Launch Online Lending Services (Reuters)
  5. Ecuador Bank’s Suit Against Wells Fargo Over Cyber Heist Can Go Forward: Ruling (Reuters)
  6. The Fed Warms Up to Inflation (Wall Street Journal)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 10/17/2016

  1. Boston Fed’s Rosengren Makes Case for Reverse Operation Twist (MarketWatch)
  2. Brexit Vote Puts Brake on Flow of French Bankers to London (Financial Times)
  3. China, Singapore Boost Gold Pricing Campaign in Push for Asia (Reuters)
  4. Boston Fed’s Rosengren Maps Case for a Dove’s Rate Hike (Reuters)
  5. Clinton Speech to Deutsche Bank Worried Her Staff: WikiLeaks (CNBC)
  6. Why Are Interest Rates So Low? Causes and Implications: Speech by Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer (Federal Reserve Board)
  7. Fischer Says Fed “Very Close” to Goals for US Jobs, Inflation (Reuters)
  8. Central Banking’s Disgraceful Legacy (Foundation for Economic Education)
  9. Deutsche Bank to Pay $38 Million in US Silver Price-Fixing Case (Reuters)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 10/14/2016

  1. Macroeconomic Research After the Crisis: Speech by Chairman Janet Yellen (Federal Reserve Board)
  2. Fed’s Rosengren Signals December Rate Hike Seems “Appropriate” (CNBC)
  3. China, Now for Duration of Obama Presidency, Escapes Being Named Currency Manipulator (MarketWatch)
  4. Fed’s Yellen Sees Benefits in Letting Inflation Exceed Central Bank’s 2% Target (MarketWatch)
  5. Treasury Shows Openness to Increasing Issuance in Wake of Money Market Fund Reform (MarketWatch)
  6. Deutsche Bank Considers Thousands More Job Cuts: Source (CNBC)
  7. British Banks Keep Cyber Attacks Under Wraps to Protect Image (CNBC)
  8. Yellen Says Swift Action Needed During Periods of Upheaval (Financial Times)
  9. China Moves a Step Closer to Coming Off US Currency Watchlist (Financial Times)
  10. Fed May Have to Hike Interest Rates Faster, Rosengren Says (MarketWatch)
  11. Brexit & Beyond: BOE Will Tolerate Higher Inflation; Eurozone Exports Ease Brexit Fears (Wall Street Journal)
  12. Ohio Latest to Bar Wells Fargo From State Business (Reuters)
  13. Fed’s Yellen Says “High Pressure” Policy May Be Only Way Back From Crisis (Reuters)
  14. German Government Tells Lawmakers It Would Not Take a Stake in Deutsche Bank: WSJ (Reuters)
  15. BOE’s Carney After May Criticism: We Won’t Take Instruction on Policies (Reuters)
  16. US Sees No Currency Manipulation, Adds Switzerland to Watch List (Reuters)
  17. Fed’s Dudley Says “I Would Expect This Year” for Next Rate Hike (CNBC)
  18. BOE’s Carney Says Not Indifferent to Sterling Level, Boosts Pound (CNBC)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 10/13/2016

  1. Inflation Fears Cast Shadows Over Long-Dated Bonds (Financial Times)
  2. SEC Kicks the Bitcoin ETF Approval Decision Down the Road (MarketWatch)
  3. Money Laundering Laws Are Absurdly Annoying, Costly, and Darn-Near Pointless (Foundation for Economic Education)
  4. Indian Consumers’ Preference for the Indian Gold Coin (World Gold Council)
  5. Ultralow Rates Hurt Banks in More Ways Than One (Wall Street Journal)
  6. Wells Fargo’s Political Sacrifice (Wall Street Journal)
  7. Trashed: $61.8 Million in Pocket Change (Coin Update)
  8. Fed’s Harker Says Might Want to Wait on Policy Changes Until After US Election (Reuters)
  9. An Evening with President Neel Kashkari at the University of Montana (Minneapolis Fed)

Daily Money & Banking News Update: 10/12/2016

  1. Minutes of September 20-21 FOMC Meeting (Federal Reserve Board)
  2. Fed’s Dudley Says US Inflation Expectations “Seem to Be Well-Anchored” (CNBC)
  3. Fed’s George Warns on Cybersecurity; No Comment on Economy (CNBC)
  4. Why China’s Banks May Eventually Need a Nearly $2 Trillion Capital Infusion (MarketWatch)
  5. Central Banks Consider Bitcoin’s Technology, If Not Bitcoin (New York Times)
  6. Fed Minutes Show Holding Rates Was Close Call (Financial Times)
  7. India Rate Cut Revives Debate on RBI Strategy (Financial Times)
  8. Fed’s Dudley Says Interest Rate Hikes Will Be “Gentle” (MarketWatch)
  9. Fed Kept Rates on Hold Despite “Reasonable Argument” for Hike, Minutes Show (MarketWatch)
  10. BOJ’s Harada Dismisses Commercial Banks’ Complaints About Negative Rates (MarketWatch)
  11. UK Treasury: Financial Services Will Be High Priority in Brexit Talks (Reuters)
  12. New Bank Capital Rules “Several Years Away” in Practice (Reuters)
  13. Fed Policymakers Closer to Rate Hike, But Inflation Doubts Remain: Minutes (Reuters)
  14. Traders See Fed on Path for Possible December Rate Hike (Reuters)
  15. Basel Publishes Final Rules to Tackle “Too Big to Fail” Banks (Reuters)
  16. Bank of Japan Policymakers Signal Higher Threshold for Further Easing (Reuters)
  17. Wells Fargo Faces Costly Overhaul of Bankrupt Sales Culture (Reuters)
  18. Fed Minutes: Hawks Worry That Delay in Rate Hike Could Cause Recession (CNBC)
  19. ECB May Review QE Options But Decision Could Be Put Off Until December (CNBC)
  20. Future of Banking Looks Dark – Why That’s a Problem (Wall Street Journal)
  21. Fed Minutes Show Officials Expect to Raise Rates “Relatively Soon” (Wall Street Journal)
  22. The Contractionary, Contradictory Nature of Negative Interest Rates (Sound Money Project)
  23. SEC Questioned Wells Fargo About Cross-Selling in 2014 (Reuters)
  24. The Biggest Thing Between the Fed and a Rate Hike: The Election (Wall Street Journal)